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The name GTi Engineering has been synonymous with Volkswagen and Audi products since the company’s formation in 1978. Its principal roles are the development and production of sports tuning packages for the VW/Audi range of vehicles and servicing of VW/Audi and all other high performance road cars.

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GTi Engineering is a division of BBR , specialising in high performance vehicle tuning and servicing. As such, it has direct access to all the specialist knowledge and facilities within BBR , whilst retaining its own highly experienced technicians.

In addition to the original (and still the best) 'RE' range of complete engine conversions, GTi Engineering now offer a range of standardised 'Plus-Pac' conversion kits for recent model VW/Audi vehicles, which can be combined with other GTi Engineering products as necessary.

Many of our older conversions are still in daily use by satisfied owners and we are more than happy to service and repair these vehicles since we still hold stocks of parts for them. One of our regular customers has covered more than a quarter of a million miles in his MKII Golf with a GTi Engineering "REB2000" conversion.  Another drives all the way down from Scotland just for an oil change because he won't trust anybody else to touch his car.  His journey is so long that he almost needs another oil change by the time he gets home!

With an unrivalled knowledge of VW/Audi vehicles since the dawn of the GTi era (which is now longer than most of us care to remember), we are the first choice for performance tuning, servicing and support for these vehicles.

New conversions are being developed all the time and GTi Engineering already offer conversions for the A3, A6 and A8 Audis as well as the Golf IV.

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